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I was born and raised in Fort Collins and feel very fortunate to be living and teaching in my home town. I hold a personal commitment to the land grant mission and strive to do research that enhances the capacity of individuals, groups, and communities to grow and evolve. I believe that service to others is the highest good and strive for all my research to be accessible and valuable to members of my community.


The fundamental questions that inspire me examine social processes.

  • How do we effectively engage individuals and groups in social change efforts?

  • What are the key processes of transformational and systems change?

  • How do innovative teams grow and evolve? How can we help them accelerate their success and growth?

  • What are the processes though which people develop strong bonds to places and each other?

  • How do social bonds help improve individual and community well-being?

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Integrative Teams

I use Social Network Analysis to understand how diverse teams work to create innovation. 


University of California, Davis

Ph.D. Sociology

Transformational Change

We are currently developing a new model of transformational change that integrates models from various fields of social science

Regenerative Regional Development

How do we create buildings and cities that are thriving, healthy places connected to surrounding rural areas and supporting health of the bioregion?

Place Attachment and Sense of Place

What is it about a place that draws people to it and helps them form attachments and bonds?


University of California, Davis

M.A. Sociology


Colorado State University

B.A. Sociology & Women's Studies

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